40" Resistance Band Bar
40" Resistance Band Bar

40" Resistance Band Bar

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A BARBELL FOR RESISTANCE BANDS WITH CARABINEERS - Replicate gym and barbell exercises at home with resistance bands. Great for bicep curls, triceps curls, standing chest presses, military presses, squats, and more. The durable, slip-free outer body grip is bonded to the steel core and made from heavy-duty yet comfortable foam rubber providing long lasting resilience and robust cushioning for your hands.

Attach the bar to your Mini Board resistance bands, removing the hand grips for an alternative workout.  Resistance bands are not included with the bar, as the bands come with your Mini Board.

STRONG AND DURABLE - ONE PIECE DESIGN - STEEL CORE SMOOTH ROTATION - Bar has Smooth Rotating Travel Bushings on all connection straps allow for full range of motion throughout the exercise repetition. The straps rotate 360 degrees. MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A. using U.S. manufactured steel, rubber grips, vinyl caps and nylon webbing.

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